BBE is a framework managment system designed help organise code into somthing actually magagable. View the documentation at

2006-06-19: BBE supports installing extensions from a tar.gz file, and the database Expect a release should be in about 2 weeks.

2006-04-15: I have made the decision: BBE is now for PHP 5, In order to use exceptions and better OO support. I am also moving around some files and code, nothing major, though. Expect a release in about a month (Just without PEAR support, and manually installing extensions, the installer/GUI interface and PEAR extension may come in about 2-3 months).

2005-11-02: GUI works better in CVS. Get the lates copy and figure out how to install it yourself... I won't document until it becomes a relese! HA HA HA HA!
This time it uses the BBE module system, to make it easily extendable. Still lots of stuff to do, but it works!

2005-09-19: HMMMM. The PEAR extension needs a little more thought, and you will need to wait for the new GUI to come out. HOWEVER there is a new BBE version out, that uses XML files to define the extension and not PHP variables. I have thought ahead so much about BBE it is not even funny. I have looked at why PEAR is not as sucessful as it should be (Lack of adding 3rd party packages easily;include_path), and how hard it is to extend scripts like ADODB (editing raw PHP to add new drivers).

2005-09-05: PEAR works with BBE! Yes there is an extension that lets you download and use PEAR packages with BBE. Expect a new release within 2-3 days. UPDATE: BLAH. Doing this stuff is harder than it looks. A release by the end of november 2004 I will say now.

2005-09-01: Using a framed template for mediaWiki is harder than you think! I just implemented a type of 'Poor-Mans cache', so pages other than the side index and body don't connect to the database, but just show a static page. Let's see if it works.

2005-08-16: Documentation Wiki is up!

2005-08-15: Development Continues!